Partnering With Ketamine Clinics

Patients suffering from treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders or chronic neuropathic or other persistent pain deserve access to alternative therapies that can deliver the rapid relief they’ve been desperately seeking. Ketamine infusion therapy can provide your patients with renewed hope for effective outcomes when conventional treatment approaches haven’t delivered needed results.

Ketamine Clinics’ solution offers the opportunity to deliver patients clinically-based, advanced, individualized ketamine therapies.

Measurable Treatment Outcomes Through Comprehensive, Compassionate Care At Ketamine Clinics

We have compounded 14 years of international scientific research with our commitment to compassion and excellence in order to help physicians quickly incorporate ketamine-infusion therapy into their practices. Our solution provides you, as our physician-partner, with valuable services in the following two core areas:

Clinical Support

  • Well-Established Treatment Protocols and Practice Guidelines
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Outcomes Management and Reporting
  • Thought Leadership from Clinical Pioneers in the Field of Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Chronic Pain
  • Expanded Clinical Capabilities Through the Ketamine Clinics’ Affiliated Network
  • Networking Opportunities with Other Health-Care Professionals

Operational Support

  • General Management and Administrative
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Patient Recruitment and Education

Help your patients who are suffering from treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders or chronic pain by learning more about the benefits and advantages of partnering with Ketamine Clinics.

Take control of your life, start feeling better today!

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Partnering with Ketamine Clinics