An Annual Report from the Ketamine Clinics of LA Team!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Happy New Year! Going into 2018 the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles team thought it would be fun to create our first ever annual report; a year in review! We have filled it with fun facts and some of our more memorable moments of 2017. We feel fortunate to work in a field of medicine that is genuinely helping heal a large population of underrepresented people suffering from treatment resistant depression, suicidal thoughts, other mood disorders, and chronic pain. Over 80% of our mood disorder patients benefit from IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy and about 70% of our pain patients. We are grateful every day to do this much needed work. We thank you for entrusting us with your care.

Cheers to a fabulous 2018! May you enjoy it with much success and good health!

Dr. Mandel & the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Team


VIDEOS: Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles was featured on PBS, CBS News and Wired (online) with videos of Dr. Mandel with some of our brave patients. Chief Operating Officer, Sam Mandel, was interviewed on Dr. Gina’s show Trending America for ROKU TV and internet use. Dr. Mandel was also recruited to be an expert witness on Divorce Court where he got to weigh in on PTSD.
PRINT: A cover story in Los Angeles Magazine, WIRED Magazine, CBS News, VICE, and countless other mentions.

RADIO: Over a dozen radio interviews with Dr. Mandel and one with KABC radio including his son and COO Sam Mandel for a Father’s Day special!




We are IV start pros around here with a 95% success rate on the 1st try!

unnamed-21,643 CUPS OF COFFEE

Our team is addicted to, ok, “a fan of” coffee. Keeping them energized for their day and focused is one of our secrets to success. Brew it strong and brew it often! [clear]



Our patients feel better when they are hydrated and have a little sugar on board. We keep our fridge stocked with organic juice and the #1 flavor that we run out of most often is Appley Ever After. [clear]

unnamed-43 POWER OUTAGES

LA’s 2017 winter brought us heavy rains and gusty winds. We managed to get through three power outages, one of them lasting for five hours! Luckily with hospital grade battery back up equipment, we were able to continue to see our patients, even in the dark. Dr. Mandel and the team refuse to let anything get in the way of caring for patients who make the effort to be here and need relief! Rain or shine, we’re here to serve! [clear]

unnamed-51 OFFICE FLOOD

One sunny Monday morning in May, we all walked into the office and discovered that our clinic was completely flooded. A large water tank on the top of the building had burst and floors 5-11 were soaked. Our team powered through and quickly worked to recover the flooded office; meanwhile our patients were more than forgiving of our flood damaged environment and we are grateful to them for that. Despite things in disarray for the weeks to come, we’re proud to not have closed a single day! [clear]



We go through a lot of medical supplies around here: cotton balls, IV catheters, needles, gloves, and our many, many rolls of tape! [clear]

unnamed-730 TEAM MEETINGS

We value our team meetings. Since open communication is very important to us, meeting regularly allows us the opportunity to discuss, brainstorm, and strategize so that we can better care for our patients. Occasionally, we fit in a little celebration too! [clear]

unnamed4,000 STEPS

Thanks to modern day technology our nurses can track how active they are while caring for our patients. The average number of steps they take per day is remarkable – 4,000 steps translates to about 2 miles. [clear]


For months we posted live on Facebook every week to educate and lend comfort to people considering IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Dr. Mandel was so committed to doing this that he even posted live from the top of the slopes in Mammoth while on his annual vacation, at the train station in San Diego after doing a TV interview, and while out of town speaking at conferences.


unnamed-20 TIMES!

Number of times we had to use our emergency crash cart. We pride ourselves on excellent patient care. Our top of the line monitoring equipment as well as our highly skilled medical team makes the infusion process very safe. Our entire staff is BLS certified and educated on all possible emergency situations. Our whole medical team is ACLS certified. We are grateful that we have gone 4 years without having to use our crash cart once!



Almost every week we order medical supplies. It is important that we stay on top of having all that our patients need to feel comfortable and well cared for.


unnamed-350+ YELP REVIEWS

We are grateful that our patients and those who interact with our clinic take the time to share their positive experience with us. We officially hit over 50 five-star Yelp reviews this year! If you wish to thank our team for a job well done and share your story, please leave us some kudos today. [clear]


Thank you for helping to make our 2017 a year to remember. Let’s create even more smiles in 2018!

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