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Summer is in full swing and with climate change the temperature continues to creep up. The hot August night fun that many of us celebrate has us out playing far past our bedtime. Summer days include family BBQ’s, extended travel adventures, poolside lounging, and the occasional sunburn, salty hair, and blister from the new sandals. As relaxing and rewarding as the fun can be, some people tend to over drink, over eat, and overextend themselves trying to fit in all the moments during the longer daylight hours. Balancing the summer fun with work, family and life stress can sometimes be challenging. As fun as summer can be, it’s important to continue to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with the fun, such as exercise and meditation.


In Los Angeles we have already had two heat waves which is unusual for this time of year. Heat can really throw off one’s routine. Sleep becomes restless when a room is over 75 degrees. I remind my patients often that deep sleep is necessary for brain function, mood, and overall energy levels. It is important to get a full nights rest of 7-8 hours. If your sleep patterns are problematic for more than a weeks time, consider seeking a doctors advice and changing some routines to get back on track.


Summer adventures are wonderful but with it comes the vacay blues. Monitoring your mood during these highs and lows is crucial. At Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles we truly understand the importance of staying ahead of your mood dipping. We ask if you’re a patient of ours that you stay up to date with your Mood Monitor! I’ve included two articles below that expand on the effects of summer and mood.
Enjoy summer with your friends and family, make sure to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and stay in tune with your health!





Dr. Mandel
PS: I had the privilege of being featured on Late Night Health Radio with Mark Alyn. Thank you Mark for the opportunity to discuss the benefits of this valuable treatment! More Here.




August 11th is Sam Mandel, Chief Operating Officer’s birthday. Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles would not exist without him. As COO Sam’s dedication, commitment, and hard work since day 1 has brought us to where we are today. Not only is Sam a great COO, he is also a generous, funny, giving, talented son, brother, actor, rapper, and producer! Join us in wishing Sam the happiest of birthdays! This photo is from a little Rosé sippin in the Secret Rosé Garden!



Spotlight on Mary Beth
This month we celebrate the 1 year workversary of our fabulous Physician Assistant, Mary Beth. Thank you Mary Beth for all that you contribute to the team!


Mary Beth, MS, PA-C is a graduate of Seton Hall University, in South Orange, New Jersey. Prior to joining the team at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles as our Physician Assistant, Mary Beth completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology and spent eight years working in OB/GYN, Bariatrics and Family Practice. Delivering babies and helping women was an exciting, busy, and rewarding time in her career. After having her daughter, Mary Beth was ready for a transition and the opportunity to work at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles offered her the work/life balance she was seeking. She believed this clinic would be a good fit since many of her patients struggled with postpartum depression, a condition which responds well to ketamine infusions and is safe for postpartum and breastfeeding mothers.
Mary Beth trained extensively under Dr. Mandel, learning how to care for our patient population exactly as he does. She has a warm bedside manner, a thorough understanding on the conditions we treat, and is a natural leader among our medical staff. Since 2017, she has connected with our patients and bonded with our team. Mary Beth upholds the high standard of care that Dr. Mandel has established.
Mary Beth is originally from New Jersey and has a long history of academic excellence. She received the Garden State Scholar Award, The Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, is a recipient of the Loyola Scholarship for academic excellence, and graduated with honors. During graduate school Mary Beth was the New Jersey State Society for Physician Assistants state student representative.
Her last few years residing in Los Angeles have been wonderful for her. When she is not caring for patients, Mary Beth likes to bake, hike, and spend time at the beach with her family. We are so thankful to have her on our team and are looking forward to more years to come!



Our team celebrated Mary Beth’s one year with Happy Hour at Belle Vie!

“As Heat Rises, So Do Suicides, a Stanford Study Finds.”
“They found that when temperatures rose about 2 degrees Fahrenheit in a given location and given month, deaths by suicide rose by about 1 percent….But based on this data and on global models, this team projects that if climate change continues unchecked until the middle of this century, hotter temperatures could cause at least 20,000 additional deaths in the two countries studied.” Read More 

Tips for Coping with Summer Depression
What can help you feel better? What can you do to make this summer different? Here are some tips on taking control of summer depression.”
– Get help
– Plan ahead
– Sleep
– Keep up with your exercise
– Don’t overdo dieting and fitness
– Protect yourself
– Think about why
– Plan your vacation carefully
– Don’t beat yourself up
– Talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication

“I want to recognize the recent overdose of the famous singer Demi Lovato. Addiction is a difficult thing to overcome. It is my belief that no human wants to be an addict, but the mind/ body cravings make it incredibly difficult for people to stop. IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy can help. We treat people recovering from heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol, and nicotine addiction; many whom report less desire for the drug after treatment. We wish Demi Lovato all the best during her recovery. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction and you wish to learn more about how IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy can help, give us a call today.” –Dr. Mandel
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 19:  Demi Lovato attends the 2017 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Demi Lovato stable and recovering after apparent overdose (CNN)

“Singer Demi Lovato is awake and with her family after being hospitalized earlier Tuesday, according to a statement from the singer’s representative. A source close to Lovato’s family previously told CNN the singer’s hospitalization was the result of an apparent drug overdose.” Read More


On the move! 
Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles will soon reside at a new address close by. We are expanding in efforts to care for more patients and heal them from the debilitating pain of depression, other mood disorders, and chronic pain. Stay tuned for updates on our new location and Grand Opening date!

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