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Ketamine Success Stories

DAWN L, 57 Musician, Songwriter, Foley artist Sherman Oaks, CA Most of her life, Dawn had been a happy and well-balanced person. Around the age of 49 menopause hit and she became depressed, despondent and moody. In addition, her ADD, which had always been manageable in the past, became more [...]

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Ketamine Success Stories

AILIN D, 45 Entrepreneur New York, NY Ailin had struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 20 years. Because she was highly functional, her mental health challenges were not as apparent. Ailin was always busy, and her depression and anxiety were like a continual song that played in the background [...]

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Depression-Fighting Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day

Depression on Valentine’s Day isn’t something that’s only experienced by those without a significant other to celebrate with. It can also be caused by unrealistic expectations, haunting memories, or just a general sense of anxiety and unhappiness that stems from an emotionally charged day. February 14th is a day that [...]

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Mental Illness In Cinema: 10 Movies In The Last Decade that Highlight Mental Health Issues

And the academy award for the most accurate portrayal of mental illness goes to…Well, the Academy is still out on that one, but in recent years, more films are spotlighting mental illness in creative ways that help raise awareness of the mental disorders that impact one in four people. From [...]

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