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Ketamine Success Stories

Ketamine Success Stories | Molly

MOLLY E, 54 IT consultant Great Falls, MT Molly can’t remember a time when she did not suffer from severe anxiety and depression. When she was a child, it was common thinking that children could not have real anxiety or depression so her problems were pushed aside and ignored. This [...]

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Ketamine Success Stories | Lisa

LISA N, 55 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Marina del Rey, CA After working hard to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, Lisa began to suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Her OCD, which she had battled for some time, escalated to the point that she could not hold down a [...]

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Ketamine Success Stories

DAWN L, 57 Musician, Songwriter, Foley artist Sherman Oaks, CA Most of her life, Dawn had been a happy and well-balanced person. Around the age of 49 menopause hit and she became depressed, despondent and moody. In addition, her ADD, which had always been manageable in the past, became more [...]

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Ketamine Success Stories

AILIN D, 45 Entrepreneur New York, NY Ailin had struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 20 years. Because she was highly functional, her mental health challenges were not as apparent. Ailin was always busy, and her depression and anxiety were like a continual song that played in the background [...]

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