June 2024 Newsletter

Dr. Steven L. Mandel on NBC News

  June Newsletter – 2024   Highlights: Comic and Letter by William KCLA on NBC TMS Tea June Celebrations And more!   Original Comic by KCLA’s William Dear Patients, Friends, and Colleagues,   Welcome to June! The next cohort of graduates is about to be unleashed from academia, vacation plans are coming together, and many […]

May 2024 Newsletter

KCLA Loves Our Nurses

  May Newsletter – 2024 Original Comic by KCLA’s William Dear Patients, Friends, and Colleagues, The bond between a mother and daughter is woven with threads of love, understanding, and unwavering support throughout life. It’s a bond that transcends words, a silent understanding that speaks volumes in the quiet moments shared. Spiritually, it is the […]


KETAMINE CLINICS LOS ANGELES IS OPEN! WE ARE A HOSPITAL-GRADE, AAAASF-CERTIFIED FACILITY THAT MEETS THE STRICTEST STANDARDS OF CLEANLINESS & PATIENT SAFETY! SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOU TO KNOW:       Our suite is in a building occupied by Cedars-Sinai and there are many surgical suites here, so sterilization and the prevention of any […]

A Video Message from Dr. Mandel!

a video message from Dr. Mandel

A video message from Dr. Mandel! Summer is here and 2019 is halfway through. Take some time to stop and do something you enjoy, read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up, go outside, and set some new goals. In the above video, Dr. Mandel shares some updates on his life, including recent adventures […]

Celebrate June – Exciting News from Harvard!

LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL Hello, June! We have reached the mid-year mark and summer is upon us. It truly is the season of celebration. Many of you are, or know someone who is, graduating, getting married, participating in a Pride event, or officially going on a dream vacation. It’s finally the beginning of summer; the […]

Marvelous May – What is Esketamine/Spravato & Other News…

LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL How is it already May? Time appears to be moving faster than usual lately. You may have noticed that we skipped our March and April newsletter; my apologies. It is my intention to publish this monthly to keep our ketamine community informed on the progress made in this field of medicine. […]

Celebrating Five Years of Patient Success!

LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL Have you been able to keep warm this February? Being located in sunny Southern California I know that I have no place to complain about being cold, however, I am blown away by how chilly this season has been! This morning my car did not start because the battery froze, I […]

Depression-Free Holiday Season!

Sam Mandel and Dr Steven L Mandel

LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL Happy Holidays! December is a joyous month, filled with treats, cheer, and magic. During this season, I encourage you to reflect on the last year, and take a moment to appreciate that which you are grateful for. Many beautiful things can happen in a years time: an extended vacation, the birth […]

NEW OFFICE! We’ve Moved and it’s GORGEOUS!

In This Issue: LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL IMAGES OF NEW CLINIC ANGEL & MARY CELEBRATE 2 YEARS! FLU SEASON IS DEADLY 5 FALL FOODS WITH BENEFITS FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM   LETTER FROM DR. MANDEL   It is with much joy and gratitude that I shout, “WE’VE FINALLY MOVED!” Thank you for your patience and understanding as […]