Cost of Ketamine Treatment

Closeup of happy young man looking at camera at home
Closeup of happy young man looking at camera at home

Ketamine IV therapy for pain and depression is a safe and effective procedure, and particularly helpful in situations where traditional treatments have proved to be unsuccessful. At the time of initial consultation, the treatment provider will discuss various aspects of ketamine procedure, including its estimated costs.

The first goal of a responsible provider will be to educate the patient about the procedure and its costs, and help them make a well-considered decision. Patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, and other adjacent areas have an opportunity to receive ketamine infusion treatments from Dr. Steven L Mandel, who heads the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles.


Cost-effectiveness of Ketamine

Chronic pain and severe depression can significantly compromise a patient’s quality of life. Depending on traditional therapies, drugs and injections, and regular visits to the doctors and mental healthcare professionals, or receiving advanced or innovative treatments can cost a substantial amount of money on a monthly basis.

Against such multiple costly solutions, ketamine IV therapy can deliver more successful results in a cost-effective manner. The initial treatment will usually comprise a set of six infusions, and once the patient has experienced considerable relief from the symptoms of pain or depression, they will only require a maintenance booster infusion at periodic intervals.

In many cases, the cost-benefit analysis may show that the patient is at an advantage both in terms of symptomatic relief as well as the associated costs when they choose ketamine infusions over other treatment alternatives. For these reasons, a growing number of patients are now seeking ketamine treatments.


Financial Considerations

The sticker price of ketamine infusion treatments may marginally vary from one practice to another and even from one patient to another in some cases. Where the practice is located will have a key influence on the costs of treatment. The cost of living is usually higher in major metropolitan areas and prime urban centers than in smaller towns located in the interior regions. This has an impact on the average costs of all types of goods and services, including medical treatments such as ketamine therapy.

The quality standards at a particular practice, the qualifications and experience of the provider, the personalized care and attention offered to a patient, and the grade of medical equipment and facilities are some of the elements that will have an impact on the costs. Some patients may require only one or two treatments, while others may need to undergo the full course of six treatment sessions.

The treatment provider will usually charge on a per treatment basis. The frequency of future maintenance booster infusions required may also differ between two patients. All these aspects will have an impact on the overall costs of ketamine infusions. Dr. Mandel of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles receives patients from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and other regions of Southern California for ketamine therapy.


Financing Options

While ketamine infusion costs may or may not be covered by health insurance companies, patients will have an option to get the procedure financed via professional medical care finance companies, bank loans, credit cards, and perhaps even a family member or a friend. You may have helped a neighbor fix his car, put in some new tile, pick them up from work, and so on so perhaps this is a way they can return these favor/s to you. They may lend you some money for this ketamine therapy.   

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