Depression-Free Holiday Season!

Sam Mandel and Dr Steven L Mandel
Happy Holidays! December is a joyous month, filled with treats, cheer, and magic. During this season, I encourage you to reflect on the last year, and take a moment to appreciate that which you are grateful for. Many beautiful things can happen in a years time: an extended vacation, the birth of a child, graduation, a new job, promotion, or even an unexpected gift from a friend. Consider the times when a stranger held the door open for you, the barista who remembered your favorite coffee drink, or the salesperson who extended you an extra discount. These little moments can add up.
I chose joy as the theme for this newsletter since I have felt much of it this year. Many of you know, I took a two-week sailing trip over the summer from the Azore Islands to Lisbon Portugal; it was a dream come true. My family is healthy and happy and we plan to spend quality time together this month which I’m looking forward to. As for my career, I have reached my favorite moments of the journey thus far. Aside from recently expanding our clinic and moving to a gorgeous new location, I have invested much of my time establishing and improving Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles. I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring an amazing team of talented medical professionals all of whom are committed to this work and passionate about what they do. They uphold the quality of patient care excellence that I expect.  We have advanced in many areas and it makes me proud to witness the expertise my team provides and makes look easy. They truly are the best, and I thank them for all their hard work throughout the year. If you have yet to visit our new space, please do, we look forward to seeing you!
Despite all this, depression  and sadness may creep in for some this season. December is especially hard for those who have endured struggles or loss in the recent year. My hope is that you take the time to reflect on the challenges you faced. Life is filled with ups and downs, and being disappointed at times is normal. Sometimes acknowledging the things that don’t go your way can help. Journal your worries, cry, and get mad if you have to. Make every effort to come to peace with them. A recent article (featured below) lists major depression as the second biggest health concern on the top ten list of health conditions facing Americans today. It impacts 9% of our population; that is a very large number of people and it continues to grow. We wish to be helpful in healing depression and other mood disorders, and encourage you to call and get the help you need for yourself and your loved ones. You are not alone in this struggle. You have options and Ketamine Infusion Therapy is one of them.
Wishing you much joy this holiday season. May you find peace and comfort as you wrap up another year. Happy holidays from my family to yours!
-Dr. Mandel

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast
Listen to Dr. Mandel’s interview on Ketamine Infusion Therapy with Dr. Robert Duff. Dr. Duff runs a great podcast which features a variety of cutting edge topics and professionals. Listen here!

Top 10 Health Conditions Affecting Americans
“There are more than 325 million people living in big cities, sprawling suburbs and rural areas throughout the United States. A sweeping set of data from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBS) is shedding light on the conditions impacting many of these communities and helping experts understand which health challenges are urgent and emerging.”  Read more.

World’s Largest Ketamine Clinic

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles celebrates 7,000 successful IV Ketamine Infusions with the grand opening of the largest and most specialized Ketamine Infusion Treatment facility in the world. Now located at 6801 Park Terrace, Suite 525 in Los Angeles, California, this brand-new 3,600-square foot class-A facility has been purpose-built and designed to cater specifically and exclusively to patients seeking IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy, the leading treatment for depression, suicidality, and PTSD.

Read more.

NIH and NIMH: We’re deeply committed to reducing suicide
“NIMH researchers working at the NIH Clinical Center, NIH’s research hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, have demonstrated that ketamine, a novel antidepressant drug, can dramatically reduce suicidal thoughts in just a few hours. Although not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this purpose, this is the first time a drug has been definitively shown to target suicidality acutely.” Read more.

Spotlight on Obed, MS, PA-C
Obed, MS, PA-C, is a Certified Physician Assistant who received his Bachelor of Science from Western Kentucky University, and his Master’s from Bethel University in Paris, Tennessee.  Originally from New York, and a long-term resident of Kentucky, Obed relocated to Los Angeles in 2018, drawn to the diverse and progressive community it offers. Coming from a family of healthcare providers, Obed focused on utilizing his education to help battle the rising mental health crisis. While in school studying to become a Physician Assistant, he received a certificate of concentration in behavioral and mental health. His goal was to work in a field that was both cutting edge and highly effective in treating mood disorders; Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles has proven to be a perfect fit.
Obed has trained extensively under Dr. Mandel, learning how to care for our patient population exactly as he does. For months they partnered on patient care and Obed’s passion for this treatment quickly became apparent to our entire team and patients. He is a natural leader with a compassionate, confident bedside manner. He upholds the high standard of care that Dr. Mandel is so well known for and his meticulous work ethic is often referred to as “The Dr. Mandel Way.”
When not in the clinic, Obed enjoys spending his time exploring Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and two dogs, a Pomeranian and a Morkie. When asked how he is adjusting to the California lifestyle, Obed says, “LA has been so good to me, I feel obligated to give back to the community. Caring for patients at Ketamine Clinic of Los Angeles is the best way I know how.” Read more about our team!

How to Reduce Christmas Stress!
“While Christmas is known as “the season to be jolly,” it can be a significant source of stress, pressure, and conflict for many of us. Some people can feel overwhelmed by the excess expectations, and exchange and become depressed during the holidays.
A lack of time and money, credit card debt, and the pressure of gift giving can often contribute to stress during the holiday season.” Read more.

Can We Stop Suicides?
New York Times
“It’s been way too long since there was a new class of drugs to treat depression. Ketamine might be the solution.”
“More patients should be aware of this,” Louise told me. “It really is a godsend.”
“Earlier this year, I wrote about ketamine and depression for Wired, and patients I interviewed told me some version of the same thing – that ketamine changed their lives and, in some cases, saved it.” -Moises Velasquez-Manoff Read more.

On October 29th, 2018, we officially moved. Please note KetamineClinics of Los Angeles new address:
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The Brentoowd office is permanently closed. 
Phone, Email & Website remain the same.
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