Dr. Mandel thanks his team for employee appreciation week!


Dear Friends,

Marvelous March is all about expressing my appreciation for my amazing team at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles. Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on Friday, March 2nd, and since I can’t thank my staff enough, I’m making this newsletter all about them. As a small business owner, who had a big dream back in 2014, I’m well aware that my ability to treat and care for patients can only be implemented if I have a team of people to support me in doing so.

My son Sam (Chief Operating Officer) and I must have done something right in our early planning phase, because now, 4 years later, I have a team of 7 wonderful people and I could not be more grateful for them. Thank you Sam, Angel, Alyssa, Amanda, Mary Beth, Mary, and Denisse; Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles continues to thrive because of you.

Sam: My only and favorite son, who was my partner from the very beginning; I admire all that you are. You successfully juggle numerous things, overseeing our team as COO and managing your busy acting/ directing/ producing career as well. Your standards are so high that we all strive daily to achieve them. Thanks for never letting that which we do here slip in any way. Nothing gets past you and I appreciate your guidance, partnership, and commitment to our team. I’m so proud of what we have achieved and it makes my soul happy that we never gave up on the goal to help heal people from their suffering of mood disorders and pain.

Angel: You truly are my Angel. Sam and I knew when we hired you as our Director of Operations that you were a good fit for our clinic, however we had no idea how much more you had to offer. You are a true leader, a detailed business manager, a creative marketer and branding specialist. You continually see things where others do not, and establish systems, and protocols to maximize overall productivity. You are excellent at writing, catching discrepancies, and guiding me. You keep me on task and our team loves all that you do for us. Luckily you are fun too!

Alyssa: As our first full-time employee, I’m thrilled that you powered through with Sam and I for the long haul. We made many transitions early on, and you never let them slow you down. As Patient Care Coordinator you are the face of our clinic and the first point of contact for many who call in. You make every patient feel welcomed and come in with a good attitude daily. Your administrative skills are the best of the best and you juggle a schedule better than anyone I know. You lead our social media with integrity, support our team, connect with our patients and their loved ones, and are always flexible. Your positive energy is contagious, our entire team appreciates all you do.

Amanda: The newest member of our team, Amanda you have been a perfect addition. As Administrative Assistant, you picked up on our clinical style quickly and you naturally fit in with our high-functioning administrative team. You make every patient on the phone and in person feel cared for. You keep me on top of the calls I need to make and you’re extremely helpful in many areas of the practice. You are not afraid to ask questions and pick my brain to further your knowledge of ketamine and learn more about it’s benefits. I thank you for joining our team, I look forward to watching you grow here.

Mary Beth: It has been wonderful to have you by my side. You have the same vision and priorities that I do; your attention to detail and sincerity towards our patients and team members means everything to me. As our Physician Assistant you are my right hand in many ways. You come to work early to set up your day, you stay late whenever needed, and you do whatever it takes to provide excellent care. Other providers that I’ve collaborated with for years have told me how wonderful you are to work with. Patients sing your praises as well. Continue to do what you are doing, I’m excited to watch our partnership flourish in the years to come.

Mary: Never have I met a young woman so focused on her career so early on in life. We first learned about you from a patient. We had mentioned we were looking for a Registered Nurse and sure enough that patient sent you our way. That was a lucky moment for us and our patients. We knew after interviewing you that you would be the committed leader we needed on our medical team. You give everything you have to our patients and are incredibly compassionate and understanding about the variety of conditions we treat. You manage a variety of things impeccably. Thank you for all you do for us and our patients who adore you.

Denisse: Denisse “with a double s” as our Licensed Vocational Nurse you are a pure joy to work with! You have such poise when it comes to patient care. Your ability to balance the ups and downs of the day is remarkable. You manage my schedule and keep me in the loop on all patient needs. You are quite funny too! Although shy in the beginning, you quickly realized I do not bite and you allowed me to mentor you which I very much enjoy doing. You impressed me early on with your IV skills, with a 95% success rate of getting every IV on the first try. I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have you on our team. Patients appreciate the many things you do for them. Thank you for continuing to give us your best. You and Mary make a wonderful duo, I’m thrilled you two partner so well together.

To the best team in the biz, THANK YOU ALL for making my vision a reality.

Wishing you all a marvelous March!

Dr. Steven L. Mandel

COO, Sam Mandel Interviewed in Backstage Magazine!


Sam discusses his two greatest loves; alleviating suffering as COO of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angles and acting! He’s been acting professionally since the age of 9 and in this interview with Backstage, he talks about the balance between acting and business.
Read his great interview here!


The Chosen is Los Angeles Times Critics Choice!

The Chosen, the play Sam is performing as the lead in at the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood, is the Los Angeles Times Critics Choice!
It is also Ovation Recommended, which is a huge honor. They’ve sold out every show since opening week, and have extended the run until May 7th!

Aapted by Aaron Posner and Chaim Potok from the novel by Chaim Potok, the setting is Brooklyn, 1944. A beautiful tale about tolerance, compassion, and how embracing the differences of others brings wisdom and understanding to ourselves.

With dozens of RAVE reviews, you’re sure to laugh and leave teary-eyed. Friends of the clinic get 50% off tickets with promo code “Mandel” when checking out. Be sure to let us know when you go so Sam can look for you out front of the theatre 10 minutes after the show ends!


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We recently had our annual fire drill and this year Angel handed off the reins to Alyssa who is now our office Fire Warden. Thank you city of Los Angeles for spending the day with our entire building to teach, train, and role play possible emergency scenarios. With as many fires as we had in LA recently, we are reminded of the importance of having this training.unnamed-1


Every Thursday see one of the Ketamine Clinics team members pictures as a child! #TBT

Little Sam to the right, COO material from the start. We have started posting some fun posts on social media. Keep an eye on our Instagram!

Celebrating Denisse’s birthday and Alyssa’s 2 year anniversary at breakfast!


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