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Welcome to Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, where cutting-edge solutions meet compassionate care. Our clinic stands at the forefront of innovative treatment options, employing a comprehensive approach to transform the lives of our patients.

Does Ketamine Help with Anxiety?

Yes, intravenous ketamine therapy can be a highly effective treatment for people suffering from anxiety. And in fact, ketamine treatment for anxiety is particularly useful for those whose anxiety disorder is resistant to other therapeutic methods, offering the potential for relief when traditional modalities have failed. 

A recent study notes that ketamine has been shown to quickly enhance the mood of and reduce anxiety in patients. Here at KCLA, over 80% of our patients report lasting relief in the treatment of mood disorders after a series of six ketamine infusions.

The relief that ketamine infusions can produce tends to occur quickly and without producing any of the negative side effects of prescription medications. There are also no known long-term side effects, and the experience itself is often found to be calming and peaceful.

Over 25,000 treatments provided since 2014

Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, one of the leading mental health treatment centers in the US, provides an innovative mood disorder therapy known as Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Ketamine Clinics LA is committed to providing exceptional care by treating the patient with an effective blend of science, compassion, and humor. To put it simply, Dr. Mandel’s methodology has resulted in the most prestigious and professional ketamine treatment Los Angeles has ever seen.

We offer relief and hope to those who suffer from treatment-resistant conditions. It is our top priority to create a calm, comfortable, and safe environment for every individual. Since opening the doors to our ketamine infusion centers in 2014, we’ve administered over 25,000 treatments!

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Patient Testimonials

Given all the help from the clinic, just want to say thanks for everything up to this point. Everyone on the team made it something I would always really look forward to and it became such a comfort when literally nothing else was working for me. I really appreciate all the conversations and questions I was able to ask because I learned sooo much through these infusions. The level of calm and self awareness I felt while on ketamine really helped me slow my thoughts down and process them as they went so I was able to find a certain level of clarity that I never had before I tried this medication. It was also awesome how everyone actually remembered my name and made the experience feel super safe.
Brandon P.
Wonderful staff. Very efficient on boarding. Everything is electronic and can be done online. Front desk is super knowledgeable. Nurses are top tier.
B S.
It’s not easy to put into words what this experience was like. I can however say definitively that KCLA has provided an invaluable resource that has allowed me to recover the best version of myself! I am renewed and grateful to have gotten access to the care here at KCLA!
Larry E.
I was skeptical about the ketamine infusions. However, I have tried just about everything and my depression was always there. Following my initial infusions so much has changed. I am waking up feeling happier. I feel like the Ketamine infusions gives you the opportunity to be happier. It has made my mind much clearer. I am making better decisions all around. I am less irritable and more focused. There is an improvement in my memory. I was constantly forgetting what I was saying. This improved considerably. Being more present all around. The staff was so nurturing, informative and kind. My nurse specifically, Kevin made my experience incredible. He always had time for my questions and/or concerns. I personally thank him so much. I couldn't say enough positive things about how he cares about your experience and getting better. The facility is made to help you feel calmer. All the staff were kind and informed. I would recommend the Ketamine infusions Los Angeles for anyone who is searching to improve your behavior, mind and body. Thank you, Jennifer Thaler
Cobie K.
Undergoing ketamine therapy at KCLA has truly been life-changing. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and understanding, making me feel instantly at ease. The therapists at KCLA are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, guiding me through each session with care and expertise. The results have been remarkable – I've experienced a significant reduction in my symptoms and a newfound sense of hope and clarity. I am deeply grateful to the team at Ketamine Clinic Los Angeles for providing such a transformative experience. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking relief and healing.
Alex A.
First off, thank you to the Mandels for establishing this wonderful facility. The staff are the most caring, kind, patient and compassionate people I have ever met. A special thank you to my nurse Edith, she is truly an angel sent from Heaven. Edith went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, supported and attended to in every way. Another special thank you to my mental health nurse practitioner Jeffrey. He called me for a consult prior to starting my treatments, and I knew this was the place for me due to his kind and caring manner. Jeffrey went over the process in person and eased any nerves I had going in. I feel like a new person after my treatments. Joy has returned to my heart and a smile has returned to my face. The darkness and heavy weight I have suffered with for many, many years have been replaced with light and freedom. God bless you all for having such caring hearts to help those whom have been hurting for far to long.

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