Ketamine Infusion Treatments

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been in use for more than half a century. Researchers recognized the unique ability of Ketamine to anesthetize patients safely and quickly with few side effects. The treatment received the FDA’s approval in 1970, and ever since then it has rapidly emerged as a vital anesthetic used by medical professionals around the world.

Ketamine infusion treatments are successfully used to address pain and depression. Its advantage over other anesthetics is that it does not depress the patient’s breathing or circulatory systems. In case of severe injuries and emergencies, it is effectively used as a pain killer.

Dr. Mandel discusses the patient experience during Ketamine Treatments

It not only delivers fast action, but it will also not slow down the respiration and blood flow, which are a serious concern with alternatives such as opiates and barbiturate analgesics. Experienced anesthesiologist Dr. Steven L Mandel, founder of the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, provides Ketamine infusion treatments to patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, and surrounding locations.


Recognized by WHO as an Essential Drug

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists Ketamine as one of only two anesthetics as an “essential drug.” The WHO is the foremost agency of the UN to address global healthcare issues.

Essential drugs are considered to be medications that satisfy the healthcare needs of a large part of the population, and should therefore be available at any given time in right quantities, in appropriate dosage forms, and at an affordable price. The essential drugs recognized by the WHO are a part of the national drug policy in many countries around the world.


Ketamine Infusion Treatments | Los Angeles | Beverly Hills | DepressionKetamine IV Infusion Therapy

Delivery of Ketamine infusion therapy intravenously is the only method of administration that been clinically proven to be effective. Therefore, Dr. Mandel currently provides Ketamine infusion treatments only through IV therapy at the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles.

Although some providers prescribe ketamine in oral and nasal spray forms following the IV treatment, Dr. Mandel does not recommend this follow-up approach because of little evidence available about its effectiveness. In some cases, Dr. Mandel may prescribe Nuedexta in combination with IV Ketamine Therapy in order to extend the benefits initially received through ketamine treatment.


Addressing Pain and Depression

Over the last two decades, the application of Ketamine has gradually widened to include it as a treatment for depression and other mood disorders as well as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD) and other pain conditions. In the last few years, extensive research worldwide has shown the efficacy of IV infusions of ketamine to treat these conditions.

Researchers have regularly reported a success rate of 70 percent or higher with IV Ketamine infusion treatments for these conditions. Research in this area has been conducted by eminent institutions, including Yale University, The National Institute of Mental Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The Black Dog Institute.

For deeper and more lasting impact, Dr. Mandel provides a series of six IV infusions of ketamine. Multiple treatments have consistently proved to be more effective at addressing the condition of patients. Dr. Mandel receives patients from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and other areas in LA County for Ketamine therapy.

For more information about treatments for depression, bipolar, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fibromyalgia, pain syndromes and other conditions contact us at the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles in Southern California (Orange County) by clicking here or calling  310-270-0625

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