Ketamine Success Stories | Dawn

DAWN L, 57
Musician, Songwriter, Foley artist
Sherman Oaks, CA

Most of her life, Dawn had been a happy and well-balanced person. Around the age of 49 menopause hit and she became depressed, despondent and moody. In addition, her ADD, which had always been manageable in the past, became more of an issue. All of a sudden Dawn’s life had gotten off-track and she was no longer the person she used to be. She had problems just getting through the day, let alone enjoying it.

“When menopause hit, I could no longer attain the quality of life I’ve always had. I’ve always been a very happy person. I’ve had short bouts with situational depression, maybe after a breakup or the death of a loved one, but I’ve always bounced back, and I never had clinical depression or anxiety. But with menopause, it really changes so much about who you think you are and what you enjoy about life. I started feeling beyond depressed and had a lot of anger about my relationship. I was probably at an all-time low. With menopause comes a fog and having ADD on top of that fog made it a struggle to just get through the day.

“For several years I tried all kinds of medications and treatments and while some helped a bit, none were able to restore my quality of life and bring me back to the way I was before.

“Three weeks after my ketamine treatment I realized “Oh my God, I can see the beauty in the world again.” I’m not depressed anymore and I’m not angry. It cleared my mind so much that I knew exactly how to proceed with my life to be happy. I was able to implement all the things I needed to do to create a happy life for myself because I was able to do it from within. I was able to be clear and had such a good quality of life on the inside that everything just got better. I made the necessary changes and I’ve never been so content and at peace in my whole life.

“I wake up with a sense of appreciation that’s off the charts every day and every night. It just comes naturally to feel appreciative for having a roof over my head and for being able to see the beauty in the world.

“Because I’m not suffering anymore, I can be there for the people I care about. I am able to be a better friend, a better daughter and a better mother because I’m not struggling. I can be there for other people’s struggles. I can show up and be someone that you would want to hang out with. I have a lot to give emotionally now. All my relationships are better.

“I also don’t procrastinate anymore. I used to be a terrible procrastinator and I don’t do that anymore. I feel like I can compartmentalize my tasks and get them done. I can focus much better now.”

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