Ketamine Success Stories | Kat

KAT M, 49
Home Improvement Retail
Carson, CA

Kat has had to navigate depression and OCD for as long as she can remember. Like millions of other people, she accepted this as her normal and just figured this was what her life was meant to be. She also had experienced some major trauma in her childhood that contributed to her condition as well as causing PTSD. Kat saw different doctors and tried multiple medications, but nothing seemed to result in any sort of meaningful change.

“I’ve always battled depression and OCD and it seemed like every year it would get progressively worse. Doctors would throw pills at me and nothing really made a difference. After a while I just started to believe this was my normal.

“I was constantly in survival mode. I honestly thought that everybody had moments where they just would lock themselves in a bathroom and sob silently into their hands. I would actually be in full distress breakdown mode and somehow I was able to maintain my job and work through all of it. I would be having terrible bouts of depression and anxiety and I would be sending emails, doing spreadsheets and putting together PowerPoint decks.

“Ketamine treatments have been an absolute game-changer for me. It doesn’t feel like every second of the day my mind is trying to murder me. I am able to look at the traumatic events from my past and, there was some pretty ugly stuff that I had to reconcile, but I was able to talk through them with my therapist without actually feeling like I was actually reliving the events. Ketamine made it so that it kind of moved me away from the events. I knew what had transpired and the things that had gone on, but I was able to process them and not relive all of it again.

“I look forward to doing things again. I can actually do things that make me happy. During my depression, everything felt like a chore. Now I actually enjoy things again. I hadn’t read a book in a while because it just was too much work and now I have started reading again.

“If I do hit a speed bump, I’m now able to take that step back and deal with my feelings. The ketamine treatments give me a cushion to be able to step away from whatever is triggering me. I can look at situations through a different lens. I feel like for the first time I can start looking forward instead of being mired in the past and dealing with the ugliness. Right now I am seeing sunshine and roses.”

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