Patient Experiences

Ketamine Success Stories | Molly

MOLLY E, 54 IT consultant Great Falls, MT “Molly can’t remember a time when she did not suffer from severe anxiety and depression. When she was a child, it was common thinking that children could not have real anxiety or depression so her problems were pushed aside and ignored. This set her on a course of not dealing with her

Ketamine Success Stories | Lisa

LISA N, 55 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Marina del Rey, CA “After working hard to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, Lisa began to suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Her OCD, which she had battled for some time, escalated to the point that she could not hold down a job and her life had become almost completely unmanageable. Medication

Ketamine Success Stories | Larry

LARRY K, 71 Retired IT Manager San Francisco, CA “After having his prostate removed due to cancer, Larry’s doctors put him on a strict diet. The rigid diet, combined with severe depression and anxiety, manifested itself in the form of an eating disorder. He got severely sick and at one point his 6’1” frame got down to a meager 106

Ketamine Success Stories | Kristen

KRISTEN S, 50 Nonprofit Executive Orange County, CA “Kristen had struggled with depression throughout her life, however it escalated when she was in her late 40s. She developed severe insomnia and oftentimes gave up trying to sleep and went into her office in the middle of the night to begin her workday. Kristen and her husband began arguing more than

Ketamine Success Stories | Kevin

KEVIN D, 49 Writer Ventura County, CA “Kevin has suffered with extreme depression for as long as he can remember and, since his early teens, had persistent thoughts of suicide. He never planned for his future or put himself on any kind of career track because he thought for sure it was only a matter of time before he ended

Ketamine Success Stories | Kat

KAT M, 49 Home Improvement Retail Carson, CA Kat has had to navigate depression and OCD for as long as she can remember. Like millions of other people, she accepted this as her normal and just figured this was what her life was meant to be. She also had experienced some major trauma in her childhood that contributed to her

Ketamine Success Stories | Dawn

DAWN L, 57 Musician, Songwriter, Foley artist Sherman Oaks, CA Most of her life, Dawn had been a happy and well-balanced person. Around the age of 49 menopause hit and she became depressed, despondent and moody. In addition, her ADD, which had always been manageable in the past, became more of an issue. All of a sudden Dawn’s life had

Ketamine Success Stories | Faustino

FAUSTINO S, 48 Retired U.S. military El Paso, TX “Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Faustino moved to Los Angeles as a young man and joined the army. For more than 20 years, he served the U.S. and did tours of duty in Iraq, Haiti and Europe. He began experiencing severe PTSD and depression and for 10 years sought relief

Ketamine Success Stories | Ailin

AILIN D, 45 Entrepreneur New York, NY Ailin had struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 20 years. Because she was highly functional, her mental health challenges were not as apparent. Ailin was always busy, and her depression and anxiety were like a continual song that played in the background that she just got used to after awhile. “My depression