Researchers Call Ketamine the Most Important Discovery in Half a Century

Most Important Discovery 

download (1)Ketamine is a proven and extensively used FDA-approved anesthetic. As of the last 15 years, ketamine has been  used as an anti-depressant and this new use has been gaining popularity recently.

A series of research studies conducted since the early 2000s have indicated that Ketamine Therapy may offer rapid and strong respite to individuals affected by treatment resistant depression, which has been a widespread problem across the world and is only getting worse.

The outcomes of these studies have been so remarkable that some researchers believe Ketamine Infusion Therapy it is the most significant discovery in depression treatments of the past 50 years.

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Promising Efficacy of Ketamine

The American Journal of Psychiatry has published results of recent research studies on Ketamine’s ability to treat depression, and particularly the most extreme manifestation of this mental illness: suicide. Researchers at the Columbia University said that analysis of various studies shows that Ketamine Infusion Therapy is much more effective in preventing thoughts related to suicide than commonly prescribed sedatives and anti-depressants.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention found that present interventions for individuals harboring suicidal thoughts are restricted to sedative drugs, hotlines, and talk therapy, and almost 90 percent of people who end their lives themselves have a psychiatric illness at the time of their deaths.

Most patient’s receiving Ketamine Infusion Therapy benefited from  a decrease in suicidal ideation within 24 hours (much faster than patients who took midazolam.). Additionally, these patients had higher scores on exams created to gauge their fatigue levels and moods. These benefits of Ketamine Therapy lasted for more than a month in certain patients.

Study Published in Scientific Reports

These findings support the results of another major study on the effects of Ketamine Therapy on individuals affected with some very resilient forms of depression. This study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Researchers at the University of California in San Diego utilized an FDA compilation of 8 million patient records.

The analysis indicated that patients who had received Ketamine Therapy for chronic pain experienced a 50% reduction of depression symptoms than others who were put on a combination of various pain medications.

In the published paper, the researchers stated that the decrease in depression symptoms is attributable to ketamine and the drug is significantly faster in its action than other presently available antidepressants. Further, the researchers highlighted that their observations were promising for individuals impacted with severe depression or suicidal thoughts.

They pointed out that these kinds of patients do not have the time to wait  six months for their symptoms to be addressed, therefore making Ketamine Infusion Therapy a great treatment option.

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