We Monitor Your Mood Closely, Starting at Your First Visit and Continuing Long After Your Last…

At Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, we prioritize tracking our patients’ long-term progress. In 2017 we implemented the use of Mood Monitor, a HIPAA compliant, encrypted, texting service. Below are charts of real patients that display a variety of responses. Over 80% of our patients find lasting relief after completing a series of 6 infusions. Make note of the following:

  • All sample charts below reflect real patients who completed a series of either 5 or 6 infusions at Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles
  • The black lines on charts reflect an infusion date
  • The red dots identify a completed PHQ-9 assessment (done approximately every two weeks)
  • Booster infusions are scheduled as-needed to prevent/treat a dip in mood
  • Some patients schedule boosters to maintain the green zone, not because symptoms return