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Dear Friends,
We have officially made it to the mid-year mark and summer is upon us. June is known for travel, adventure, and a reason to spend time outside enjoying the longer daylight hours. This is a busy time of year for my clinic as many people plan their vacation to the LA area and make Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles their first destination. We are fortunate to have IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy available in the United States. In the last 4 years we have cared for hundreds of people from around the world, some traveling to us from as far away as Australia and Hong Kong. We know that depression and other mood disorders, as well as chronic pain, can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I’m honored to have the opportunity to help heal those near and far. The above world map image displays a handful of the locations where our patients have visited from.


Speaking of global travel, I recently returned from my sailing trip. I spent a few weeks at sea sailing from the Azores Islands to the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. It was my first time traveling to this area and I enjoyed it so much I can’t wait to go back. No words can describe my absolute love for this time I was gifted. Thank you to my amazing team that managed the clinic in my absence. Thanks to my son Sam, our COO, who made sure all items that would need my attention were taken care of. This was the best Fathers Day gift I could have asked for.
In light of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s recent suicides, the time is upon us to make this treatment even more known. I feel much sadness for them and their friends and family. I feel sadness for this whole country, which has seen a 30% increase in suicide in the last 20 years! There are 144 suicides every day. Twenty-two of them are veterans. This is such a complex, difficult issue to address and we need to get at the underlying reasons as to why this is happening. In the mean time, we know that Ketamine Infusion Therapy works to relieve suicidal thinking 90% of the time in my clinic. Everyone who suffers from this affliction should know that this treatment exists. I can say with confidence Mr. Bourdain and Ms. Spade would have a 90% chance at still being with us today had they had IV Ketamine Infusions.


Lastly I’d like to recognize Fathers Day. Having witnessed the evolution of fatherhood the last 50+ years, I’m impressed with how times have changed. The workplace has become more flexible allowing dads to leave early/come late for school pick up, sport events, or to watch the class play. Women, (many whom work outside the home), rely heavily on dads to tag-team parenthood. A good majority of our patients are fathers; it’s admirable to see them being proactive about their mental health in efforts to bring the best father figure forward. Dads, I thank you for all you do. Being a dad has been a spectacular journey for me. I look forward to spending the day with my kids all whom bring much joy in my life. I am so proud of all of them.



Dr. Steven L. Mandel
P.S. A big thank you to the patients who take the time to share their experience with us. It is your stories that help others make the decision to receive this treatment.








It’s official! We earned our certification from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) which is the Gold Standard for accreditation. What does this mean? The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities has accredited us as a surgical center. To earn accreditation, Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles passed inspection on literally hundreds of important criteria concerning patient safety. If a facility fails to meet any standard, it must correct the deficiency or risk denial or loss of accreditation. Staff must be extensively trained in a wide variety of areas including: HIPAA compliance and data protection, medical and non-medical emergencies, customer service, and more. All staff are Basic Life Support (BLS) certified and all medical staff are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified.

Since opening Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles in 2014, we have operated and trained as a hospital grade, independent care facility, with the goal of becoming a member of this specialized group. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team, we now hold this status.

We are honored to be the 1st and only independent IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy clinic that is AAAASF certified! We’ll continue to uphold the highest standards of care this certification requires, while continuing to provide patients with a 5-star experience.

BuzzFeed Video

BuzzFeed Video with our patient Tom


Watch our courageous patient Tom share his unthinkably heartbreaking story of surviving both of his sons’ suicides. We are inspired by him and appreciate him sharing so vulnerably. We are moved that we’ve been able to care for Tom and make a positive impact on his life. Tom shares, “Something changed in me that made me go from I don’t care if I live, to I don’t want to die, and now because of these treatments I can now go and share my story, and let people know that life is worth living, that as bad as it gets and as painful as it gets we do have a choice, we have the freedom to make that choice.” Watch Full Video Here


Anthony Bourdain,the owner and chef of Les Halles restaurant, sits at one of its tables in New York, Dec. 19, 2001.

“The deaths of chef-turned-TV host Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade this week has reminded Americans of the enormous toll of suicide, a growing problem that claims nearly 45,000 lives a year. Suicide rates in the U.S. have risen nearly 30% since 1999, according to a report released Thursday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Suicides increased in both men and women, in all ethnic groups and in both urban and rural areas…” Read More




Our loved father/son duo! We are inspired every day by the heartwarming Dr. Mandel and his smiling COO son, Sam. There is no role more important to a son than that of his father. It’s safe to say Sam has had an amazing example set and he honors his dad’s hard work by living with integrity and displaying a fierce zest for life. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DR. MANDEL! You’ve done a fine job!



June 5th, we celebrated the 1 year workversary of our fabulous nurse, Denisse. We went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant down the street, Literati Cafe. Denisse states that her first year at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles has been the highlight of her career thus far. We appreciate that she comes in motivated to do her very best every day. She is reliable, fun, and genuinely connects with patients to help them heal from their suffering caused by mood disorders and chronic pain. Happy 1st year of greatness Denisse, we thank you for all you do for our team and our patients! 




This month we celebrate Amanda’s birthday. Amanda is one of our care coordinators and is often the first voice you hear when calling Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles. Birthdays are a big deal for us! We are happy that Amanda found our team to contribute her time and excellence at. She sets the bar high and is an instrumental part of our team. Happy Birthday Amanda; thanks for all you do!



The Mystery of the Terrifying Xanax Resurgence in America 
“Pharmaceutical marketing is often said to be a key cause of the opioid crisis. That doesn’t explain the deadly rise of benzos.”
“Between 1999 and 2016, as many Americans are now at least vaguely aware, the number of deaths from overdoses that included opioids quintupled. However, during roughly the same period, the number of OD deaths that involved benzodiazepines (a.k.a. “benzos”) increased by a mind-boggling factor of nearly eight.”





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