When Depression is a Side Effect of Medication, Ketamine Can Help

Ketamine Helps Depression Side Effect of Medications

Prescription medication may be the only way to treat certain conditions, however, many of today’s most prescribed — and powerful — drugs are not without their side effects. People taking common prescription drugs, including drugs for high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and prescription acne treatments, often don’t realize that these medications can alter brain chemicals, which in turn, can contribute to depression. For many people, managing symptoms of depression is the only way to continue taking their much-needed medication.

Now, those who are looking for safe and effective ways to manage symptoms of depression have the option to undergo Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Ketamine therapy has been around for decades but has only recently started making waves in the medical community for its off-label uses.


Ketamine Therapy Helps Relieve Depression

Several studies have proven that ketamine can help those with treatment-resistant depression. IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy for depression involves administering an intravenous solution of ketamine at a low dose.

Scientific American has reported on ketamine’s ability to relieve depressive symptoms rapidly and more studies are underway to determine the full scope of benefits ketamine may offer. Researchers have found that ketamine works faster than many prescription anti-depressants and its effects tend to last longer. Unlike many prescription drugs and treatments for depression, ketamine does not have known side effects so it is unlikely to interact with other medication.


Other Ways to Manage Depression

Since it may not be an option to stop taking a certain prescription drug completely just to alleviate depression symptoms, many patients must seek out ways to boost their mood and steer away from feelings of sadness. Natural remedies, such as exercising more frequently, practicing meditation, and eating a healthy diet can help to alleviate symptoms of depression. Other options for keeping depression at bay include:

  • Reducing stress throughout the day
  • Maintaining good sleep habits
  • Incorporating aromatherapy into daily life
  • Maintaining a healthy social life
  • Setting daily goals
  • Making time for fun activities

When depressive symptoms do not improve through these non-drug approaches, ketamine therapy could be an attractive option or a complement to other strategies.  

Being an informed consumer can help you navigate your treatment plan effectively and manage side effects from any prescriptions your doctor has prescribed. Knowing how to manage some of the unwanted side effects of drugs may involve a multi-pronged approach, such as making lifestyle changes, making healthy choices each day, and exploring alternative therapies such as ketamine to treat depression symptoms.

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