Office Manager

Banksy, Office Manager, is a cockapoo who earned his master’s degree in human resource management at Bark Academy and graduated with honors. Banksy joined the Mandel Family in 2012 and decided to try his paw in the family business at Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles as office manager at the height of the pandemic in April, 2020. Entering the company during one of the most difficult times in its history was no small task, but Banksy was ready to sink his teeth into a new challenge. He has always been passionate about mental health, realizing the importance of mindset and setting after being separated from his mother and siblings at a very young age. Banksy has done an amazing job at bringing comfort and hope to the entire KCLA team and our patients. He is also very active in the art world, but prefers to not talk about his exploits in that arena; you may be familiar with some of his work, which is recognized around the world. When he isn’t managing people, Banksy enjoys belly rubs, playing fetch, long walks, and eating treats.

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