Registered Nurse

Edith, Registered Nurse, holds a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing from National University where she graduated Cum Laude, and a bachelor’s in financial services from San Diego State University. After several years of lackluster work in finance, it was Edith’s passion for healing and serving that led her to medicine. For years she served at Garfield Medical Center as an RN where she thrived in rehabilitation, pediatrics, oncology, med-surg, and outpatient surgery. Edith’s interest in mental health stems from her loved ones who have battled depression, as well as her innate aptitude to serve those most in need. She is an advocate of alternative medicine and adjunctive treatment options such as ketamine. Edith brings a genuine passion for patient care to KCLA where she remains grateful to play a part in patients’ healing journeys and work towards normalizing mental health conversation. A Southern California native, Edith spends her free time practicing yoga, backpacking through nature, and enjoying concerts, with the company of friends and family. When she’s not bedside delivering patient care, Edith remains passionate about health, fitness, self betterment and psychosomatics.

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