Charge Nurse (RN)

Kevin, Registered Nurse, joined KCLA in early 2021 shortly after completing his Associates Degree of Nursing (ADN) at Los Angeles Harbor College. A jack of all trades and natural leader, Kevin thrived throughout his schooling but found obstetrics, critical care, and mental health to be most intriguing. His effortless ability to connect with patients on a personal level distinguishes him among the most experienced of nurses; he is authentic, warm, and incredibly compassionate. Kevin’s excitement for psychedelic medicine happened spontaneously after learning of ketamine treatment for depression through a close friend. Since joining KCLA, his dedication to destigmatizing mental health and delivering superior patient care has only grown. Outside of work, most of Kevin’s free time is spent with his wife and their two young daughters. Together they enjoy escape rooms, Dodgers games, home improvements, and the occasional day trip or weekend getaway.

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