Ketamine Infusion Therapy is an ideal medication to treat postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression | Ketamine Infusion Therapy | Los AngelesKetamine Infusion Therapy 

Ketamine Therapy has emerged as a safe, poignant, and effective alternative to treat a variety of depression disorders, including postpartum depression. In clinical terms, a postpartum depression is known as a depressive disorder with peripartum onset. Peripartum onset refers to the period beginning anytime during pregnancy up to one month after childbirth.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is now the preferred option for many treatment providers and patients to provide relief from the symptoms of postpartum depression. Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, led by Dr. Steven Mandel, provides ketamine infusion treatments to patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, and surrounding communities in this part of The Golden State.  



A patient suffering from postpartum depression will typically have at least five of the following nine symptoms:

  • Irritability and depressed mood frequently
  • Reduced interest in most activities
  • Weight fluctuation or change in appetite
  • Difficulty in sleeping or insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of guilt or a sense of worthlessness
  • Poor concentration
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide



Although postpartum depression may occur due to a variety of factors, but it seems to be triggered by hormonal changes in a woman, which may occur following pregnancy and childbirth. Women who have a history of depressive disorders will be at a higher risk of developing postpartum depression. After assessing the symptoms and causes of the condition, the treatment provider may recommend Ketamine Therapy.  


Postpartum Depression Treatment

The challenge with traditional pharmacologic treatment options for postpartum depression is that most of the drugs will enter breast milk. Secondly, these drugs may have limited benefit and unpleasant side effects. Ketamine Infusion Therapy is now considered as a more promising treatment alternative for postpartum depression.

The key advantage with ketamine is that it a very brief half-life. This means it will get cleared from the body within hours due to its fast metabolism. This makes Ketamine Therapy an appealing treatment option for patients in the postnatal period. Another benefit of ketamine is that acts very quickly. Seven out of 10 patients can expect to feel relief from postpartum depression after just the first or second infusion.

In other words, a patient can get rid of the agony of depression within a matter of hours to days. This is in contrast to conventional antidepressants, which can take several weeks to take effect. Another challenge with typical antidepressants such as SSRIs is that these can carry the added burden of side effects to the mother as well as have the risk of potential exposure of the drug to the baby via breast milk.

Ketamine has no such risk due to its rapid metabolism and clearance. It will not be transmitted to the baby via breast milk, as long as the Ketamine Infusion Therapy is delivered by a qualified professional with proper timings and doses. Many women are now able to gain sustainable relief from postpartum depression with Ketamine Therapy.

Patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive ketamine infusion treatments from the committed and successful Dr. Mandel.

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