Sam Mandel, Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer, is a lifelong mental health advocate and entrepreneur. Mandel cofounded Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles with his father, Dr. Steven Mandel, in 2014 and serves as the clinic’s chief operating officer. He has grown KCLA to be one of the most successful and well-respected ketamine infusion therapy clinics in the country.

Mandel is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles and manages its staff of 15 doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, administrators, and office personnel. He oversees all non-clinical functions of the company, including patient satisfaction, talent retention, vendor relations, marketing, technology, business development, and financial functions of the company.

Mandel has been active in the ketamine infusion therapy community since its formative days and works to ensure the accurate and ethical sharing of facts and information regarding the use of ketamine to treat mental health disorders and chronic pain. He regularly innovates practice management systems and implements new technologies and methodologies to maintain the leadership position of Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles.

As a child, Mandel was exposed to the mental health struggles of family and friends and felt a calling to help those suffering from depression and addiction issues. At the age of 13, he began volunteering for Teen Line, a nonprofit teen-to-teen support and suicide prevention hotline, where he took calls from teens in crisis. He continued to volunteer at numerous organizations serving people with mental health disorders and became an advocate for providing better health care to underserved communities.

A SAG-AFTRA actor with more than 40 credits in film, television, commercials, voice-over, print, and theater, Mandel remains active as a performer. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his dog Banksy. When he isn’t working, Mandel enjoys weightlifting, reading, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time at the beach.

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