Chief Operating Officer

Sam Mandel, Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer, is a lifelong mental health advocate, actor, and entrepreneur who started Ketamine Clinics LA with his father, Dr. Steven Mandel, in early 2014. As Chief Operating Officer, Sam has made it his mission to ensure each patient receives the caliber of attention and service once exclusively reserved for celebrity clientele. This focus has translated to the highest level of patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes. Since opening its doors, KCLA has become the world’s premiere clinic offering Ketamine Infusion Therapy, with a “white-glove” concierge approach to all patients. 

While Dr. Mandel oversees the medical aspects of treatment, Sam brings superior service and compassion to patients seeking help. Optimized by technology, the patient experience is crafted for convenience, comfort, and impeccability. Always an entertainer at heart, Sam puts patients at ease through laughter and believes it is an important part of their treatment. Drawing from the best principles in multiple industries, Sam has assembled a knowledgeable, experienced, and warm team that feels more like a family than a staff. Under his leadership, Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles has lived up to its goal of providing high-quality, personalized, compassionate care to each and every individual, and their 100’s of five-star reviews across Yelp, Google, and other social networks reflect this. 

Sam has always been passionate about making a positive impact and loves to entertain. Even as a child, he inherently understood the healing power of laughter. By age 9, he was acting professionally in films, hit television shows, and national commercials. Sam quickly recognized he wasn’t limited to just one vocation, gravitating toward business and helping others in addition to his acting career. Empowered with possibility, Sam began his work in the mental health field at 13 years old, volunteering for Teen Line, which is a non-profit teen-to-teen support and suicide hotline providing counseling and resources. As he was exposed to his friends’ and family’s struggles with depression, addiction, and suicide, his passion to bolster healing in others only grew. He continued to volunteer at numerous non-profits, including building homes with Habitat for Humanity and raising funds for veterans and other under-served communities to have access to better healthcare. Sam’s eclectic mix of work experience compounded with his genuine desire to promote healing has helped make Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles’ patient experience the gold-standard.

Sam is still active in entertainment and can be found acting in and directing a variety of projects when out of the office. A SAG-AFTRA actor with over 40 principal credits in film, TV, commercials, voiceover, print, and theatre, Sam loves to inspire and entertain. See for more information on Sam’s entertainment career. When he isn’t busy running KCLA or developing his film and TV career, Sam enjoys the beach, travelling, hiking, snowboarding, reading, attending concerts, live improv and stand-up comedy shows, and spending time with family and friends.

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